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Producer, MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show

Intermediate Level


Join the Maddow team as a producer and contribute daily by pitching, writing and producing exceptional, compelling stories about politics, current affairs, public policy, foreign news and quirky things that happen every day.

Job Description

Essential Responsibilities:
Work closely with Rachel Maddow and senior staff on editorial content of nightly show
Pitch and shape segment ideas with a specific “TRMS” angle
Write compelling segments that include quality sound, eye-catching graphics, and headline grabbing banners
Work with sources to report out original stories
Participate in daily staff editorial and production meetings
Pitch guest ideas and on occasion, pre-interview guests
Thrive in a team environment in which everyone strives to give co-workers a hand whenever needed and stay calm in pressure situations


• Must have at least 4 years of relevant experience (i.e.
cable news, broadcast TV, radio, podcast, etc.)
• Excellent writing skills
• Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Political
Science, History or related field
• Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, under
tight deadline pressure, including breaking news
• Interested candidates must submit a resume/CV through to be considered

Desired Characteristics

• Thorough knowledge of American politics
• Exceptional editorial skills: Ability to recognize stories
with high potential for provocative, compelling television
• Possess ability to develop story ideas and angles,
research, and plan segments
• Write and produce segments with speed but still be error
• Ability to "book" guests, and work with graphics and
video elements
• Knowledge of current events and politics.
• Strong knowledge of social media

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Greater New York City Area
Time Period
7 Months
Start Date
Job Type
Weekly Limit
  • Writers