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Associate Producer

Associate Producer

• Emerging Level


NowThis is looking for an Associate Producer to join the NowThis Social Video-News team. As a member of the News team, you’ll create compelling and informative short form videos around a variety of subjects, ranging from top stories in the world of daily news & politics, international coverage, as well as culture, sports, lifestyle, and online trends.

Category Associate Producer 
Location Greater New York City Area
Time Period time Full
Start Date N/A

Job Description


The Associate Producer’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Pitching ideas for daily videos across a range of topics
Researching, scripting, and editing news videos, averaging 1-to-5 minutes in length.
Identifying stories with a strong visual element.
Identifying stories from a range of sources, from our in-house subscription services, to third party or user-generated content, to original storytelling concepts.
Finding creative, visual ways to tell important stories that may not inherently have a strong visual element.
Taking on assignments and delivering on a manager’s vision on stories they haven’t pitched themselves.
Managing priorities and workload effectively to meet deadlines daily.
Ensuring all video content follows NowThis's newsroom Style Guide & editorial standards.
Demonstrating the ability to be a strong team player; taking initiative in looking for ways to elevate NowThis’ content & brand as a whole.


1-2 years of newsroom or relevant internship experience.
Proficiency in Adobe Premiere
Strong research, writing, and storytelling abilities
An understanding of how content is consumed on the internet and why certain videos go viral.
A genuine enthusiasm for short form video as a medium and for covering daily stories in a 24/7 news cycle.
Interest in a wide range of subject matter; Willingness to research & educate topics outside your preexisting comfort zone.
Familiarity with the style, voice, and values of NowThis as a digital outlet.
Candidates who have passionate points of view, but who are able to recognize their own biases and not be ruled by them
Fluency in a foreign language is helpful but not required.
Experience in cinematography and field production is helpful but not required.

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Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift N/A
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