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The Associate Editor is a full time position working in the Creative Services team of the Marketing Department at CARE USA, helping to ensure that the unit operates to its full potential, resulting in greater financial support and external awareness of CARE and its mission through the medium of video.

Category Marketing / Advertising / Pr Services  Video Editor  Videographer 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Oct 31, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

This position achieves high customer satisfaction while also demanding a high level of technical mastery and artistic innovation in the changing technology of video.

This position's responsibilities include assisting the Senior Producer and Production Editor with the organization's video production objectives, initiatives, maintaining an efficient production workflow, providing strategic counseling to internal customers on all video-related matters, and helping to execute video projects from pre-production to final delivery, including project planning, script-writing and review, execution and optimization of video productions.

At the direction of the Senior Producer, the Associate Editor serves as a video editor for internal and external requests for CARE video content and footage; maintains and improves the physical and digital organization of the Video Library, contributing to the development, maintenance, and implementation of new technologies and the securing of video footage personally during domestic events and international field project visits throughout year. The Associate Editor is also responsible for helping the Senior Producer and Production Editor with all in-house tapings, studio purchasing and maintenance, and assists in curating and populating video content for events, CARE USA's social media channels, and campaigns.

The Associate Editor will be maximizing video impressions with a strong knowledge of social media video editing and video optimization. To capitalize on internal resources for footage, the Associate Editor helps the Senior Producer and Production Editor to facilitate the development of staff's video skills and runs point on the strategic sharing of footage with country offices and CARE International (CI) members through CARE Images. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Job Responsibilities:

Video Editing
  • Video Editing: The Associate Editor will provide editing support at the direction of the Senior Producer using content gathered from CARE project visits to support the organization’s fund-raising, communications and marketing strategies.
  • They will help to determine the most efficient execution of production design for internal and external requests for CARE video content and footage.
  • The Associate Editor will help the Senior Producer ensure compliance across the organization with the visual media branding guidelines and standards and produces video products that incorporate the latest trends and technologies, motion graphic treatments, and live action footage that engage audiences and incorporates skillful story-telling, and must perform all work within strict deadlines.
  • This work often includes creating graphics, logo animations, and lower thirds customized to each video product, and re-tagging and resizing videos for multiple purposes when needed.
  • The position is also responsible for preparing and uploading broadcast quality footage and b-roll for news media organizations, CARE International (CI) members and partners requiring footage of CARE’s work.
  • The Assistant Editor should be able to handle projects independently when needed from start to finish, providing prompt communication and follow up for all requests.
Media Archives and Operations Support
  • The Associate Editor is responsible for the overall organization of the video library and database, including physical archives and maintaining electronic archives and databases.
  • Working with the Video team the Associate Editor is also responsible for researching innovative digital asset management techniques as the technology changes to come up with better ways to stay organized and easily access footage.
  • Their job is also to input new properly logged footage received into the CARE database to track where footage is stored for easy access later, and also ensures all footage is backed up in more than one place in case of a hard drive failure.
  • The Associate Editor will also ensure that the Video Unit's studio equipment is well-maintained, clean and organized.
  • When new equipment is needed by HQ or to outfit a Country Office, they will help by providing well-researched suggestions on the best fit for the situation and ensure the Video Unit is staying timely as technology changes and new products become available.
Videography and Production
  • The Associate Editor will help the Senior Producer, and at times independently, handle any videography needed by the organization.
  • This includes helping to manage and orchestrate video tapings with CARE President and CEO as well as any domestic or international shoots that come up.
  • The Associate Editor will ensure studio equipment is up to date and in good working order before shoots.
  • The Associate Editor will be in charge of preparing for internal taping sessions by setting up the studio, lighting, audio, tele-prompter, charging batteries, and ensuring the final product is edited and delivered promptly to the requesting party.
  • If any video shooting is needed internally, the Associate Editor will be the primary support for such requests and assist as needed.
Internal Customer Service and Video Production Training
  • The Associate Editor, Media Production will be the first point of contact for general video requests and internal questions concerning production.
  • They will be responsible for keeping tabs on the footage collected by the HQ Video Unit as well as being the main point of contact for the inbox.
  • They will provide basic training needed by staff on video and video production.
  • Bachelor's degree in video and film production, photography, broadcast, communications, marketing, journalism or related field
Experience / Technical
  • 2 + years of professional experience in Video Editing and Video Production.
  • Skilled knowledge of video pre-production, production and post-production, graphic design, workflows & processes, digital compression & distribution techniques, equipment & software programs/tools such as Adobe Production Premium Suite, including Premiere, Photoshop and AfterEffects.
  • Must be action oriented with a proven record of meeting deadlines
  • Innovative, strategic thinking and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated skill in optimizing for evolving social media communication and best video practices

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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