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Camera Head Technician


Camera Head Technician

• Intermediate Level


Madison Square Garden Entertainment is looking for a Camera Technician that has an extensive background in camera stabilization.

Category Camera Operators  Technician 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Mar 08, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

We acknowledge that there exists a wide and diverse amount of stabilized platforms/heads. With that understanding, we are looking for someone that has a deep interest and knowledge of a stabilized system including an extensive understanding of serial communication. This role will be mostly focused on field work however, when not deployed, they will be assisting with capture system updates, development, commissioning, and overall maintenance in a team setting. This individual needs to be engaging and maintain relationships w/relevant vendors. Problem solving mindset with eye for unique custom solutions is a must.

What will you do?

• Handle supporting a live-action crew capture unit
• Maintain, repair, and guide the decision to which gimbal manufacturer is contracted as a partner for modifying and integrating our camera systems into. This includes custom cable manufacturing as well as system integration.
• Expect to work closely with MSG (Madison Square Garden) Capture, Production, and Postproduction, and engineering teams on projects that extend beyond traditional camera systems
• Keep our broad palette of custom cameras head working reliably, while improving operational and on-set efficiency and safety best practices
• Coordinate between grip department and capture department for camera deployments and when necessary, supervise freelance crew

What do you need to succeed?

• Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field or equivalent experience
• 3+ years camera field work experience as a head technician. Stabilized head systems knowledge preferred
• Understanding of film and video production, digital workflows, cinematography, virtual reality, and/or post-production tools, protocols, and environment
• Be up to date with the latest high payload stabilized head technology and latest developments in that specialized field
• Exceptional electronic mechanical and problem-solving skills with in-depth knowledge on fiber, serial, analog, and digital signals
• Adaptable / flexible in high-stress environments

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit 40
Shift Day
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