- Concept Artist - CONTRACT

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Concept Artist - CONTRACT


Concept Artist - CONTRACT

• Intermediate Level


Happy Mushroom: We are currently looking for a talented and experienced Concept Artist who wants to be an asset to our project lasting 4-5 weeks.

Category Animation  Art Department  Special Effects 
Location Remote Location
Time Period 1 Month
Posted Date Feb 18, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The essentials! This role includes, but is not limited to the following responsibilities:
  • Create character sheets, movement studies, and detailed breakouts for equipment and weapons
  • Work closely with the Art Director, Fx Artist and Character Animators to create characters and environments that work aesthetically and represent concept work and artistic vision
  • Refine your concept art to illustration by adding layers of detail
  • Create concepts of characters from existing references or from scratch
  • Concept and design characters and environments
  • Create and iterate on, primarily, character concepts, thumbnails, loose sketches, and finished/polished pieces
  • Creating environments, including assembly, set dressing, and asset composition
  • Collaborate and iterate on game building assets with other production artists
  • Be able to support the project’s artistic vision and help the Creative Team bring it to completion meeting strict deadlines
  • Provide progress feedback through excellent communication
  • Communicate updates and escalate concerns to the appropriate team member(s) and manager(s)
(Hello? Is it you we are looking for?) The perfect candidate will possess:
  • Minimum of 3 years of industry experience as a concept artist
  • A deep understanding of human and creature anatomy and a keen eye towards form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regards to illustration and design
  • Excellent eye for light, value, composition, and color
  • Able to carry an idea from the conceptual phase to the finished illustration and an understanding of translating these ideas to real-time game environments
  • Able to adapt to the distinct art style of the game and a passion to push it to the next level
  • Advanced experience with digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, Painter, etc
  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including but not limited to figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration  
Hey, Creative Wizard! We want to see your beautiful work!

Link to portfolio/demo reel is required

Job Type Contract 
Weekly Limit 40
Shift Day
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