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Coordinator, VFX - Original Films

Coordinator, VFX - Original Films

• Intermediate Level


As a VFX Coordinator on our Original Studio Film team, you will be partnering with a VFX Manager to advise on and understand the complexities that come with supporting projects from pitch to play.

Category Production Coordinator  Special Effects 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full time
Start Date N/A

Job Description

The Opportunity
From Army of the Dead to Red Notice, Extraction to The Old Guard, Netflix brings the most talked about film content to viewers around the world.  The Original Films team is composed of the most experienced and passionate professionals in the industry, who are dedicated to crafting unique stories that are captivating, imaginative and push the boundaries of what's possible for film and features content. 

We are looking for someone who has enough experience and intuition to see a show as a whole and help to set it up for success, and can anticipate how and when to engage actively to keep it on the rails. Your proactive approach will allow you to play a central role in understanding our cross-functional partners from across the studio and know when to engage. You will be a sounding board as a partner to the VFX Manager, and provide organizational support on vendor management, budgets, and other administrative duties to keep our projects on track. 

In this role, you will be impactful by:
  • Setting expectations and strategy for engagement. In a way, you are the producer for the productivity of your department. This team can’t be everywhere at once, so you will own calendar management and prioritization of tasks that the team is accountable for so all the bases are covered (think meetings with creatives, title managers, vendors, etc.). You will have a good understanding of a show's VFX requirements and communicate to partners what they can expect for engagement from the team. You will have a deep understanding of our projects, the complexity of them, and how they stack up against each other so we can keep our focus on delivering the highest impact possible.
  • Keeping department information up to date and consistent to ensure a smooth production process. Whether you are communicating with facilities and VFX production teams that a specific submission  has landed successfully or troubleshooting when it hasn’t, you will be the central hub of information for our group around the status of our projects. This includes communicating with our Title Management teammates on final delivery dates and surfacing challenges we see that jeopardize the timeline. 
  • Ensuring data integrity/hygiene. Shotgun, Filemaker, Google Sheets… you enjoy maintaining databases and keeping them as tidy as possible. This includes onboarding our vendor partners and setting expectations with them on Netflix Technical Specifications so we are getting the best data from the beginning of a project.
  • Working with internal tech teams to improve review systems and delivery workflows. Our team is committed to leveraging technology to help us work smarter, and you will need to be comfortable applying technology to the challenges you’re facing.
  • Personifying Netflix culture. Embracing the values of our company can be challenging, but you will rise to the occasion by participating in giving/receiving feedback, prioritizing candor and transparency in your communications, using data and technology to optimize your time, and use your natural curiosity to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
In this role, you will be expected to know:
  • The VFX pipeline, start to finish. You have a solid understanding of the review pipeline, video codecs, camera and file formats, and are skilled with media management. Experience with programs like Davinci Resolve, Cinesync, RV, and Shotgun is a must.
  • How to effectively communicate with various audiences. We are constantly context-switching at Netflix, and being able to communicate tactfully and timely are essential for success.
  • If a shot looks off. If you have an eye for VFX compositing or VFX supervision, you will find a lot of reward in this position. 

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit 40
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