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DreamWorks Feature - Production Designer

DreamWorks Feature - Production Designer

• Intermediate Level


Responsible for the look of the film, the Production Designer will create, articulate and maintain a vision for the film throughout the development and production process in partnership with the Director.

Category Art Department  Graphic Design 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Aug 25, 2021
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The Production Designer works closely with the Visual Effects Supervisor, Producers, and Studio Leadership to ensure the artistic vision is technically feasible and can be delivered within the film schedule and budget.

  • Supervises the Art Department.
  • Oversees and participates in the visual development phase to discover the look of the film. Responsible for creating and executing the visual flow of the film as it relates to story and emotional intent through design, lighting and color infrastructure.
  • Translates, clarifies and communicates the Director's vision for the look of the film to the artistic crew.
  • Generates artwork in areas of artistic expertise contributing to the development and production process.
  • Oversees the character design from concept through final by working with the Character Designer(s), Head of Modeling and Head of Character Animation.
  • Provides final art reference for modeling, surfacing and lighting. Generates supplemental artwork to various departments to clarify intent.
  • Oversees modeling with the Modeling Supervisor by providing artistic input on the translation of 2D assets into 3D models.
  • Oversees along with the Art Director the execution of the look of the film throughout the filmmaking process. Partners with the Heads of Surfacing, Matte Painting and Lighting.
  • Works with studio management and recruiting on the staffing needs. Also, advise on artistic staffing of key departments on the show. Provides feedback on key artistic staff.
  • Partners with the Production Supervisor to create schedules and casting assignments. Also, works together on crew communication, improving performance, providing feedback and maintaining good morale.
  • Responsible for the visual complexity of the show along with the VFX Supervisor. Both create an environment of fluid information exchange continually evaluating artistic vision and feasibility.
  • Ensures open lines of communication with other departments and department heads.
  • Elevates issues and solutions to Producer and Associate Producer.
  • Prepares and presents the look of the film to studio executives, Marketing, Consumer Products and vendors.
  • Works with Marketing and Consumer Products advising on trailers, style guides and other assets.
  • Responsible for color timing of the film, trailers, DVD content often partnering with the Art Director.

Basic Qualifications:
  • Minimum 5 years of experience supervising an Art Department.
  • Ability to think and design from concept to finish independently.
  • Strong understanding of design principles and color theory.
  • Strong management and organizational skills.
  • Exceptional communicator and collaborator.
  • Ability to balance show, department and studio needs.
  • General knowledge of production tools and pipelines.
  • Proficient in Photoshop.
Interested candidate must submit a resume/CV through to be considered.

Must be willing to work in Glendale.

- Must be able to provide a reel/portfolio of work examples - if available, include a web address when you submit your resume.

Desired Qualifications:
  • Ability to draw, paint and create imagery.
  • Knowledge of Maya and ZBrush or similar software packages.
  • Experience with feature animation schedules and pipelines.
  • Supportive of department culture.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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