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Video Producer

Video Producer

• Emerging Level


We are looking for a talented and creative Video Producer to work within our Brand and Creative team.

Category Video Producer 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period time Full
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Job Description

Join the team that acts as a mini, in-house agency for Manhattan Associates’ global creative needs. The members of this tight-knit team have diverse backgrounds with expertise in television writing, advertising, long-form content creation, podcasting, and more.

While this role requires skills across both production and post-production, focus will be on the production side of the workflow.

Strong candidates for this role will bring a distinct personality and storytelling ability to the table while being able to achieve a number of different cinematic and explainer-video looks while maintaining our existing brand guidelines at all times. She/he must have solid understanding of—and experience with—all key equipment and technologies required for a smooth, successful, professional video shoot. Willingness to learn new equipment and technologies is also a must.

We are a fun, creative, collaborative team that takes pride in being able to stay cool and friendly while working under strict deadlines across multiple global departments.

So, if you have strong opinions on frame rates, aspect ratios, or YouTube creators and would like the chance to make a whole bunch of videos, we’d like to talk to you!

Job Responsibilities:

o   Plan, schedule, execute, and tear down shoots on a regular basis

o   Develop compelling content ideas/strategy

o   Storyboarding

o   Care for equipment and transport equipment when necessary

o   Have an eye for visual and audio detail, even in fast-paced shooting environments

o   Collaboration with editor, Executive Producer, and other stakeholders from the company

o   Use film theory to achieve multiple looks/tones to match the content being filmed

o   Act as support for post-production as needed (can include editing, mixing, color grading, motion graphics, etc.)

Minimum Requirements:

o   2+ years of professional video experience on the production side

o   Robust, hands-on knowledge of film and sound equipment

o   2+ years of professional experience with Adobe suite, especially Premiere Pro

o   Experience with sound design and general audio best practices

o   Working knowledge of modern encoding and delivery practices for video projects

o   A sample of your creative work will be required

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Job Type Full Time 
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