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4 Person Crew needed for 2 Days


2 Day Shoot at Data Center in Fremont, CA: 1 Producer/Cam OP, 2 Camera OPs (1 possibly run a Dana Dolly), 1 Teleprompter Operator/Media Manager/Swing.

Category Camera Operators  Camera Rentals  Digital Media  Equipment Rentals  Producers  Production Assistant  Teleprompter  Video Assist Operator/VTR 
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Time Period 2 Days
Posted Date Aug 10, 2022
Start Date Sep 14, 2022
End Date N/A

Job Description

NOTE: We are currently getting approval for this job. We need to see what kind of team we can put together out there.

2 Day Shoot at Data Center in Fremont, CA

Here's what we're needing.  

4 Person Crew for 2 Days (sometime in September)

1 Producer/Cam OP (Someone from our team might fly out for this but we're not 100% sure)
2 Camera OPs (1 possibly run a Dana Dolly)
1 Teleprompter Operator/Media Manager/Swing

This is a corporate talking head panel discussion with accompanying B-roll at a Data Center.  Two people on-camera, one reading from teleprompter for opening/closing and other prompts.  Think of this as more a nimble corporate run and gun type shoot.  A director will be present to help with talent and overall direction.  

Gear Needs
3 Cameras + Support Gear (looking for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cameras 4 or 6K)
Monitor (could be atem switcher outputting multicam view or some type of production monitor)
Wireless Video Transmitter for B-roll filming (we currently use a Hollyland Mars 400s Pro for these shoots)
Dana Dolly
Gimbal (using Ronin S2)
Wireless Lavs
Lighting & Grip (I don't think we need anything super elaborate)

Day 1
Setup and Rehearse
B-roll of facility (gimbal, handheld + sticks)

Day 2
Capture discussion
B-roll with talent (gimbal, handheld + sticks)

Job Type Contract 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day
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