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Production Coordinator & Editor


Production Coordinator & Editor

• Emerging Level


The Production Coordinator will support and coordinate The PGA of America video production projects, event productions, PGA video Library archive and digitization process, and PGA Frisco Studio.

Category Production Coordinator 
Location Texas
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date May 12, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The job will require shooting, producing, and editing.

RESPONSIBILITIES (Specific areas of responsibility include but are not limited to):
  • Assist with PGA Frisco Studio including scheduling, access, and equipment.
  • Record and edit video and sound projects, including selecting program format for final output, capturing/importing media, organizing raw media, editing footage and sound files, creating and inserting static and motion graphics, titling, adding music/voice-over/sfx, media management and archiving project media.
  • Manage PGA Video Library and Frisco Transition Process including but not limited to the daily operations and requests, logging and fulfilling of footage requests from PGA departments, sections, networks, production companies, and allies, tracking all incoming and outgoing video content, logging tapes and content, creating synopsis for tapes and content, transcribing interviews, fulfill post event video needs, and working in conjunction with the PGA Librarian.
  • Produce, assist, and coordinate tournament and other event on-site productions and requests, interviews for broadcast and media partners, PGA departments and ancillary requests.
  • Coordinate event and tournament production. including but not limited to ENG crews operational needs such as credentials, media center needs, feeds, dubs for programming and distribution, hotel rooms, interview and edit rooms, video elements, graphics, and any other needs.
  • Coordinate the production, interviews, shoots, production elements and reviews for the PGA’s television shows, radio shows, and various video projects.
  • Work independently, as well as part of a team, to establish project deliverables.
  • Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to help facilitate the creation of multimedia content that is on brand with PGA of America and PGA of America Championships.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:                         
  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Broadcast Journalism, Communication or related field preferred.
  • Two years of experience in broadcasting or production.   Experienced as a broadcaster or gained through work at a sports property broadcast division or production company preferred.
  • Operating a camera and knowledge of editing software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere required.
  • Job Knowledge/Technology:  Must have knowledge of video production, including shooting, script writing, graphics, music, and special effects.   Knowledge of editing and production technology preferred.  Video includes familiarity with professional cameras (Sony PMW-F3 or similar), prosumer camcorders (Sony NXCAM HXR‑NX3 or similar), various HD, pre production/planning, studio and field production, lighting/grip, scriptwriting, storyboarding and photography.  Audio includes small format mixers, compression, EQ, effects processors, audio recording techniques for studio and field, multi-track and waveform editing.  Post-production entails digital video editing, still and motion graphics design, and video compression for multiple delivery platforms.  Must understand various types of cameras, different lenses and how to create a certain shot. Must be able to operate a camera at any moment to capture footage. Knowledge of Google Workspace.
  • Judgment: Makes sound decisions; bases decisions on fact rather than emotion; analyzes problems skillfully; uses logic to reach solutions.
  • Initiative: Plans work and carries out tasks without detailed instructions; makes constructive suggestions; prepares problems or opportunities in advance and undertakes additional responsibilities.   Responds to situations as they arise with minimal supervision and creates solutions to problems. 
  • Communication: Writes and speaks effectively; states own opinions clearly and concisely; demonstrates openness and honesty; listens well during meetings and feedback sessions; explains reasoning behind opinions; asks others for their opinions and feedback; asks questions to ensure understanding; exercises a professional approach with others using all means of communication; uses consideration and tact when offering opinions. 
  • Problem Solving/Analytical Thinking: The ability to see the “big picture” in complex situations by linking information or by considering an abstract or longer-term perspective; ability to break down a problem, situation or process into its component parts; ability to understand the nature of those parts and their relationship to one another; ability to make thoughtful decisions in situations of uncertainty or risk. 
  • Organization: The ability to manage multiple projects and determine project urgency in a practical way.   Manage transition from task to task effectively. 
  • Resourcefulness: The ability to identify opportunities to use resources that are already available or are easy/inexpensive to obtain; ability to consider the surrounding environment before making costly decisions; ability to use imagination and creativity to navigate difficult situations.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Works harmoniously with others to get a job done, responds positively to instructions and procedures and is able to work well with staff while maintaining relationships, which breed productive disagreement and debate.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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