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Storyboard Artist

Storyboard Artist

• Emerging Level


The Storyboard artist draws a scene-by-scene visual story based on script.

Category Animation  Art Department 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date May 05, 2021
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Create storyboard: thumbnail/rough storyboard panels through delivery of finished storyboard sequences
Ensure that the vision and style of the show is consistently adhered to through execution of action, staging, dialogue and camera
Pitch storyboards to Director, crew and Executives
Address notes from Director and Creative Supervisors
Collaborate with creative department heads and production to review goals and vision for the storyboards and discuss concerns, timelines and complexity, given the parameters of the schedule; Responsible for completing all deliverables on time and according to production schedule and within guidelines/show parameters such as number of scenes, complexity requirements, etc.
Ensure that storyboard includes all final dialogue, backgrounds, direction, camera moves and action by making drawing or text changes in description, dialogue or numbering
Submit work that appropriately aligns with production and workflow guidelines requirements (i.e., naming conventions and storage)

Basic Qualifications:
Minimum of 2 - 3 years storyboard experience and/or training on a similar show
Knowledge and experience with television animation production pipeline a plus
Knowledge of software and hardware including Cintiq, Toon Boon Storyboard Pro, and Photoshop
Preferred Qualifications:
Ability to align with style and sensibility of show
Strong in comedy, action, emotional storytelling, and character interaction
Strong staging, composition and cinematography skills
Ability to draw characters and environments on model within show style
Ability to write clear and specific direction on storyboards
Solid and consistent time-management skills

Required Education
Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience

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Job Type Full Time 
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Shift N/A
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