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Storyboard Revisionist - Untitled Big City Greens Movie Musical


Storyboard Revisionist - Untitled Big City Greens Movie Musical

• Emerging Level


Storyboard revisionist makes revisions to the storyboards after the storyboard artists has completed their pass.

Category Art Department 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Mar 04, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

  • Such changes could include the following:
  • addressing acting, hookups, extra poses, etc.
  • fleshing out a scene or cleaning up rough panels
  • ensuring that characters and designs are on model and to proper proportions
  • re-boarding and restaging from scratch (if necessary). Director to provide thumbnails sketches if this is required.
  • conforming boards to animatic
  • adding screen direction or other details for clarity
  • Adhere to the production schedule provided by Line Producer to ensure shipping deadlines are met
Basic Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of software and hardware including Cintiq, Toon Boon Storyboard Pro, Photoshop or other applicable storyboarding software
  • TV animation series experience a plus
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Ability to align with style and sensibility of show
  • Strong in comedy, action, emotional storytelling, and character interaction
  • Strong staging, composition and cinematography skills
  • Strong draftsmanship, ability to draw characters on model and in a 3 dimensional setting
  • Solid and consistent time-management skills
Preferred Education
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit 40
Shift Day
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