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Technical Director


Technical Director

• Intermediate Level


Pixar is looking for proficient Lighting Technical Directors for feature film and ancillary projects.

Category Grip / Lighting / Electric  Technical Director 
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Jul 12, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

  • Identify needs for new tools and processes, and determine how they get implemented
  • Develop and maintain lighting scripts
  • Work closely with software engineers to communicate the needs of the Lighting department
  • Participate in technical discussions with other departments 
  • Responsible for lighting sequences and shots within the designated film style, under the guidance of the Lighting Director of Photography and Lead Lighting Technical Directors
  • Establish and fine tune the look of assigned shots, incorporating the resources and support provided -- key lighting rigs for each sequence, creative guidance from the Lighting Director of Photography and Show Leads, color scripts, art and photo reference, and continuity with surrounding shots
  • Work with upstream departments (modeling, layout, shading, simulation, animation, fx) to finesse assets for lighting adjustments
  • Create and use light rigs within the shot lighting pipeline
  • Work with Lightspeed to optimize shot work
  • Identify technical problems and work with the Lead Lighting Technical Directors to find workable solutions
  • Render necessary passes and incorporate them in compositing software to complete the final approved look
  • Python scripting, C++, or other coding languages
  • Production experience with 3D lighting and compositing
  • Unix or Linux operating system
  • Working knowledge of Katana (preferred) or another 3D lighting software 
  • Working knowledge of Nuke (preferred) or another node-based compositing system 
  • Experience with Global Illumination and physically accurate lighting
  • Strong ability to shape characters with lighting, accentuating story points, acting performance, and mood
  • Strong eye for color, composition and lighting design
  • Experience with scene management, complex setups and lights
  • Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creative problem solving skills.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day
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