- Assistant Prop Supervisor

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Assistant Prop Supervisor


Assistant Prop Supervisor

$25/hour - $27/hour
• Emerging Level


Chicago Shakespeare Theater: The Assistant Properties Supervisor works closely with the Properties Supervisor in coordinating the operations and planning of the Properties department.

Category Assistant  Props 
Location Greater Chicago Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Aug 08, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

This position collaborates with professional designers and directors, working in a fast-paced and interdisciplinary manner to address challenges. The Assistant Properties Supervisor leads small teams in the fabrication of props and must work flexibly to support the needs of the Properties department.

  • Understands and manages the properties process and workflow for each production, and communicates these with Overhire Artisans and Technicians.
  • Purchases supplies and props, and tracks expenses for Properties department budgets.
  • Fabricates props as needed.
  • Manages properties stock and inventory.
  • Ensures and maintains a safe and effective workplace.
  • Collaborates with other CST departments on projects as required.
  • Completes other duties as assigned and appropriate.
  • Experience in properties supervision in a regional theater environment and strong understanding of the process of propping a show from start to finish.
  • Working knowledge of period styles, crafting, soft goods, upholstery, molding and casting, scenic painting, floral arranging, furniture carpentry, and computer skills.
  • Excellent shopping and sourcing skills for both finished items and materials to create props from scratch.
  • Refined artistic eye and sophisticated design principles to bring to collaboration with designers.
  • Ability to read and build from scale drawings.
  • Excellent time management skills in completing tasks and overseeing the completion of tasks.
  • Ability to use creative problem solving.
  • Active desire to collaborate with others and work as a member of a team.
  • Excellent listening skills in addition to verbal and written communication skills
  • High degree of self-motivation and attention to detail.
  • Must be comfortable and proficient with power tools
  • Valid drivers license.
Physical Demands
  • Perform a variety of physical tasks including but not limited to climbing, stooping, pushing, bending, kneeling, reaching, lifting, and pulling.
  • Perform a variety of physical tasks while wearing safety equipment.
  • Push, pull, lift, and move up to 50 lbs. at times on a repetitive basis.
  • Use manual dexterity in the operation of tools.
Working Conditions and Environment
  • Overtime hours will be necessary at times.
  • Evening, weekend, and holiday hours will be necessary at times, with work schedule varying based on the needs of each production.
  • Position will primarily function at the CST facilities on Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois, but will at times work in other locations such as warehouses or offsite performance spaces.
  • Work will take place in a variety of environments including but not limited to construction shops, stages, trap rooms, catwalks and grids, warehouses, exposed loading docks, and outdoors.
  • Work environment may be dirty, noisy, in low-light, or in a tight and cramped space.
  • Work will require exposure to potentially hazardous materials and equipment.
  • Position will regularly be required to wear PPE during work activities.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day, Evening
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