- Event/Live Stream Studio & Camera Assistant

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Event/Live Stream Studio & Camera Assistant


Event/Live Stream Studio & Camera Assistant

• Intermediate Level


Corgan: Plan and prep studio and gear for all Live Broadcasts/streams and Live-to-tape productions

Category Camera Operators  Live Event / On Location Services 
Location Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Feb 04, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Position Summary
  • Plan and prep studio and gear for all Live Broadcasts/streams and Live-to-tape productions
  • Pursue creative storytelling in both shooting and editorial projects as well as broadcast events
  • Assist Director of Photography and Creative Directors on all aspects of production including: pre-production, camera equipment prep, shooting, ingesting, rough cutting and final deliverables – on architectural, commercial, entertainment, interactive, film, and broadcast projects
  • Prepare and setup lighting grid and gear before an event
  • Setup and monitor audio equipment during events
  • Ingest raw footage and add applicable metadata into catalog software for library and rough cut
  • Review own work, and that of others, for quality and accuracy, and collaborate with Creative Director and/or Producer for client submission
  • Edit together raw footage, rendered elements, and graphics to match a script direction and successfully add initial color correction, rough audio mix, and effects
Essential Functions
  • Keep the studio and equipment in good repair including keeping hardware on the latest firmware versions, etc. 
  • Shoot with various cameras (including BlackMagic, Canon, Panasonic GH5s, and others) with an artistic eye for camera composition and angles
  • Work independently and in collaboration with Director of Photography and Executive Creative Director on editorial storytelling
  • Collaborate with Director of Photography on developing out of the box ways of using the existing and developing technology to create wow moments. 
  • Integrate and develop visual elements, such as line, angle, background, color, and perspective, to produce desired shots and effects, such as the illustration of idea and emotion
  • Conduct research and development, attend industry virtual events, and read publications to develop ideas and remain current on industry and artistic trends and developments
  • Study various techniques and learn to implement them in artistic endeavors
  • Integrate separate live-action and computer-generated elements
  • Compress final videos and/or clips
  • Provide technical information by understanding and communicating elements, edits, and specs for delivery
  • Read the Run of Show/shooting script and meet with the creative director to understand their vision for the production
  • Work with Producers to establish schedules, rehearsals,  and technical requirements
Position Qualifications
  • At least three years of professional experience in broadcast/live streaming productions
  • A knowledge of vMix, OBS, DMX lighting control software, etc. is a plus
  • At least three years of professional experience with Adobe Products
  • At least two years professional experience with concepts, practices and procedures of studio production workflows, including ingesting, logging and outputs, equipment maintenance, etc.
  • An understanding of general studio lighting and audio theory as well as practical experience setting up those systems
  • One year professional experience with basic sound design and mixing 
  • Proficient with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Does not have to be an expert in either, but should be familiar with basic operations and maintenance of both
  • Degree in related field and experience/portfolio – or – combined education and experience/portfolio 
Skills and Abilities
  • A good photographic eye for camera angles and special effects, as well as frame rate, exposure, and other technical aspects of cinematography
  • Ability to remain calm and confident in high-stress or crisis situations
  • Understanding of color, balance, light, artistic composition
  • An inherent understanding of storytelling and dramatic structure. 
  • Proficiency in film and video standards, as well as video and graphic formats
  • Ability to work alone on detailed and sometimes tedious work
  • Ability to prioritize and balance demands of multiple tasks, clients, and deadlines under pressure
  • Motivated, self-starter
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High attention to detail/ strong follow-up skills
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively as well as independently
  • Ability to accept and apply constructive feedback 
  • Ability to meet exacting deliverables requirements and delivery deadlines
  • Flexibility to deal with production delays, unexpected problems and varied personality types
  • Understanding of compression and technical specs of video deliverables
  • A commitment to high-quality work and to continuing to improve your own skills and knowledge
  • Punctuality/respect for deadlines
  • Self-discipline and hard work ethic
  • Must be organized and able to consistently follow project organizational guidelines.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit 40
Shift Day
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