- Harmony Animator

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Harmony Animator


Harmony Animator

$26/hour - $30/hour
• Emerging Level


The animator’s primary responsibility is to work through animation assignments to the standards and style of the show, as directed by the animation director and leads.

Category Animation  Art Department  Special Effects 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Jan 18, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Animators are expected to keep their communication with leads to make sure they are staying on schedule and within the parameters of the show. Animators report to the Lead Harmony Character Animator.

Skills required:
  • Possess strong drawing skills, a thorough grasp of proportion and the ability to match style of production. 
  • Possess a working knowledge of Toonboom Harmony software (understanding of the network and corresponding terminology a plus).
  • Possess a thorough understanding of Principles of Animation (Squash and stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose, Follow Through and Overlapping Action, Ease In and Ease Out, Arcs, Secondary Action, Timing, Exaggeration, Solid Drawing, and Appeal).
  • A solid familiarity and understanding of human and animal anatomy.
  • A basic understanding of camera work & cinematic language (knowledge of camera shot terminology and use (wide, medium, closeup,OTS, etc) as well as knowledge of what a zoom/pan/dolly are.  Must understand the different focal lengths and their effects).
  • Capable of effective staging and composition.
  • A basic understanding of EFX animation (a plus).
  • Capable of animating a variety of facial expressions and convincing character performances.
  • Understanding of animation process specific to television production.
  • Familiarity with animating in a rigged/puppet style of animation. 
  • Able to take direction and receive notes in a productive manner, asking appropriate questions when necessary to ensure understanding of what a shot needs.
  • Understanding of the production pipeline and how Harmony works in tandem with other departments.
  • Able to meet deadlines consistently and handle occasional chaotic production times comfortably.
  • Take the final builds and rigs, along with early renderings of the background, and create layouts to be setup for key animation.
  • Create rough pass of animation to meet the requirements of a shot.
  • Create key animation with rigged characters.
  • Take approved keys, and complete tweens to achieve final animation.
  • If capable, assist with EFX animation when necessary.
  • Revisit existing files to apply notes and fixes, per request of directors/producers.
  • Track progress consistently within company provided production software (F Track).
  • Help your fellow animator achieve success by communicating thoughts and ideas to help improve speed and efficiency.
  • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate.
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US. 
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
Estimated start: End of February 

Hourly range: $26-30

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day
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