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LookDev Technical Director


LookDev Technical Director

• Intermediate Level


As a Look Development Technical Director, you will produce high-quality look dev and shading for CG Assets whilst valuing the innovative spirit, creative talent, production excellence, collaborative mindset and passion for great filmmaking that define ILM.

Category Animation  Art Department  Special Effects  Technical Director 
Location Singapore
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Feb 22, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Ideally, you will have the flexibility of moving into lighting shot production, producing high-end lighting during show production.

What will you be doing?
  • Design and create the lighting and the look of computer-generated objects and scenes
  • Work alongside Assets Supervisors / Leads, Lighting Supervisors, Lookdev Supervisors and CG Supervisors to determine the best approach to solving CG challenges and developing the final look
  • Create efficient rendering setups in order to optimise render farm usage
  • Working towards production deadlines
  • Ensures there is ongoing communication with Production and Leads regarding schedules and deadlines
  • Mentor / coach Junior Artists within the Lighting / Look Dev team
  • Create & maintain materials using the provided shading templates
  • Create & maintain custom hero materials and shading networks when necessary
  • Perform shot Look Dev tasks
  • Working with model, texture and groom artists to get the best possible results
  • Building and maintaining complex shading networks with artist usability and user-interface support in mind
To be a contributing member of this team, you will have a mix of these skills:
  • You may or may not have a Degree and/or professional training in Computer Graphics, with advanced work experience in VFX or Feature Animation
  • Helped mentor and guide junior members of your previous teams
  • Enjoys working in a global team working together towards one goal¬†
  • Happy to work as an individual contributor, especially when deadlines may be tight
  • Knowledge of the vfx pipeline from modeling through texturing, grooming, rendering and compositing
  • Ability to pick-up new techniques and the ability to learn new software quickly and easily
  • Knowledge of Katana and Renderman is beneficial
  • Knowledge of python is beneficial
  • Strong interest in shading technologies
  • At ease with Linux based operating systems
  • Good understanding of physically plausible shading techniques

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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