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Production Coordinator


Production Coordinator

• Intermediate Level


As we grow ILM Mumbai, we are seeking a Production Coordinator to join as one of the first members of the team and be a part of building the studio and its technology infrastructure.

Category Production Coordinator 
Location India
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Nov 29, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The Production Coordinator’s primary emphasis is on scheduling, communication and coordination for a specific group (discipline) of artists (or multiple groups) on any given project. This position reports to Project (“Show”) Producer and Production Manager, while also working with other Coordinators on the project in keeping the show operating in an organized and efficient manner.  Coordinators are also responsible for working with and delegating to the project Production Assistants. Each Coordinator usually works closely with their specific group of artists’ Supervisor or Lead in crewing, scheduling, and managing that group’s body of work. Coordinators are significant points of information on the show and need to be able to balance multiple needs, projects, and tasks at one time.

What You’ll Do
  •  Work closely with your discipline supervisors in crewing, casting and scheduling your discipline’s body of work, keeping in mind the overall show schedule, client reviews, bids, and other discipline needs. 
  • Establish a process for communicating discipline targets, assignments, and priorities to your artist crew, as well as the overall show crew. This should be daily and/or weekly. 
  • Schedule, track, and manage assigned work within the ILM Internal Tracking Tool as well working with Production Managers to display the information in a physical form (magnet boards / conference rooms) in order to be visible to the team. 
  • Ensure work is on schedule for each department and is meeting internal and external (client) deadlines. Check in with artists on a regular basis regarding workload, targets, needs, etc 
  • Set up turnovers with discipline crew. Communicate turnover information to all artists assigned to asset(s) or shot(s). 
  • Track client needs, reviews and deliveries to make sure your discipline hits their targets. 
  • Serve as key communication liaison between all parties relevant to your work.  Provide updates, priorities, reschedules, and status of all shots at any given moment.  
  •  Anticipate and communicate issues to to reach solutions in a timely manner. 
  • Supervise, delegate to, and train assigned Production Assistant(s).  
  • Act as primary point person for organizing dailies/shot reviews throughout the day on behalf of your discipline Supe/Lead.  Take notes regarding feedback and decisions made and enter any required information into the Internal Tracking System/communicate to all so as to provide updates to all others impacted. 
  • Prioritization and escalation of technical support issues. 
  • Perform special projects as needed.  
  • Communicates with all parties on the project, from Supervisors to Production leadership and peers, to artists. 
What We’re Looking For
  • Three years work experience in production to include strong working knowledge of post production techniques and terminology. 
  • Proficiency in Macs/PCs including Microsoft Word and Excel.  Knowledge of UNIX and familiarity with Google Suite is favourable. 
  • Must possess very strong organizational and communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner while meeting deadlines. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with people across all levels 
  • Attention to detail, follow through and strong communication skills. 

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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