- Hygiene Crew Member (TV & Film Set)

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Hygiene Crew Member (TV & Film Set)


Hygiene Crew Member (TV & Film Set)

• Emerging Level
Skills: Covid


Full Job Description Reel Health is currently looking for Hygiene Crew Members to work in partnership with our Health Safety Team members to help keep our clients in the Film and Television industry safe. At Reel Health, we specialize in Health Safety guidance for production companies (TV, Film, and Commercials) whenever they are working outside their studios and are "On Location.” This position will be based at Film and Television production locations across the New Jersey area. Production sites and multi-use spaces require continual disinfecting in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. While personal sanitation practices play a significant role in preventing contamination, more stringent practices are required to keep employees safe. Communal spaces could be at risk for housing COVID-19 and if employees or their family members become ill, it is imperative to continuously use professional sanitation services and disinfection of shared workspaces.

Category Covid 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period 4 Days
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Weekly Limit 40
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