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Scene Planner


Scene Planner

• Emerging Level


We are currently hiring a scene planner. A scene planner is responsible for reviewing the leica for each episode and creating/building all the scenes in an episode to prepare them for animation.

Category Animation  Art Department 
Location Toronto, ON, Canada
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Feb 15, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

It is the scene planner’s job to create scenes based off the leica so that animators can easily animation within them.

Key Responsibilities

• Adding in necessary leicas, BGs, characters and props into a scene template
• Scaling BGs/props/characters/elements accordingly
• Setting up camera moves and multi-planning if applicable.
• Adjusting BG layers and elements to fit the scene with a pleasing composition
• Positioning characters to add appeal and further inform animation
• Minor character/prop movement for scene or camera timing
• Minor editing of scenes (trimming or combining scenes)

Key Requirements

• Good understanding of composition is essential
• An art or animation background is strongly recommended
• Working knowledge of Harmony
• Needs to be able to take direction and follow notes clearly
• Needs to be able to work within a team
• Needs to be self motivated, organized and an eye for detail.

Job Type Contract  Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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