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Show Director, Court TV


Show Director, Court TV

• Intermediate Level
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Court TV is seeking an experienced Director/Technical Director for its live court coverage; to execute the vision of the Court TV Editorial Producers, while contributing technical expertise and creativity.

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Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Mar 05, 2021
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Job Description


Lead the show’s technical production crew including audio operators, graphics operators, utilities, field crews, etc.

Direct and Technical Direct live and taped shows or segments, as well as pre-production and post-production sessions from a production control room or post suite, delivering high production value, “network-level” on air results

Assist with the establishment of best practices for production techniques to create high production value, “network-level” standards

Review show rundowns prior to productions with Executive Producers, Producers, Talent, and Production Tech team communicating rundown changes, show needs, script changes, crew performance expectations, etc.

Block studio camera shots to meet the demands of the show, demonstrating a progressive approach via the blocking to add value to on air results

Be able to direct all show elements taking full advantage of the capabilities of the production switcher (DVE wipes, animated transitions, box effects, live shots, etc) along with available graphic production devices

Be able to identify and critique high production value, “network-level” lighting and sound design

Be able to operate preset cues from the lighting board

Be able to operate iNEWS (or comparable) system – accessing and marking rundowns, scripts, and communicating changes to production team

Provide pre and post-show performance feedback and critiques as needed

Give time cues as required to Talent & production team.

Report show outcome to Dir Show Report after every show

Report equipment problems and discrepancies to Manager

Demonstrated basic understanding of job responsibilities and operations for all Production Control Room team members (Audio, GFX, Robotics, Utility, Field Production, etc.)

Oversee creative and directorial production of CTV, specifically the high profile shows

Partner with team members to effectively share techniques and skills to strengthen the skills of the team as a whole

Participate in development of ideas and implementation of process improvements for Director / TDs

Report, via written shift notes, any personnel or equipment issues to appropriate Manager and next shift team lead

Will be required to sit in a chair from 2–6 hours at a time

Will be required to wear a headset and listen to multiple audio sources during on-air show production

Will be required to type on a keyboard for a period of 2 – 3 hours during pre-production and for 2-6 hours during the on-air show production

Will be required to look at a computer monitor and other monitors for a period of 2 – 3 hours during pre-productions and for 2 - 6 hours during the on-air show or production. Some monitors could be as close as 2 ft and as far as 12 ft away

May be required to move and lift set pieces. Set Pieces may range between 20 – 100 lbs. Items over 20 lbs. would be carried by multiple crewmembers


This position requires a minimum of 5 years working in a major television production studio, as a Director or Technical Director

Technical knowledge of production video, audio, comms, and record/playback are required. Must have a thorough understanding of staging, basic facility operations, safety, and basic signal transmission

Must have high level communication skills, as well as attention to detail

Must possess the ability to work collaboratively with a highly technical team in determining show and production performance

Must have the ability to determine operational configurations of all studio technical systems and solving complex issues during production

Must be available to work a variety of schedules based on production needs

A degree in broadcasting, engineering, technology, or other technical science is desirable

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Job Type Full Time 
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