- Technical Director, Model/Rigging

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Technical Director, Model/Rigging


Technical Director, Model/Rigging

• Intermediate Level


Pixar: A Characters Technical Director is responsible for working with Art Designers and Animators to realize a character in digital form.

Category Animation  Art Department  Modeler  Special Effects  Technical Director 
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Nov 03, 2022
Start Date N/A
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Job Description

This includes both shaping the character's 3D geometry and the delivery of a well-designed set of animation controls for manipulating that geometry.

The three main disciplines are modeling, rigging and rig building:
  • Modeling covers the spectrum of being able to build humans, robots, cars or toys
  • Rigging is the process of giving a character controls for movement, therein "articulating" its ranges of motion, we like to think of it as bringing the character to life
  • Rig building is the process of building and supporting rigs that a group of riggers can apply to a set of characters.
A qualified applicant for this position will have demonstrated experience in at least two of these areas. If you have strong artistic skills your two areas of focus might be modeling and rigging. To be qualified in rig construction, you’d have a degree in Computer Graphics and have experience in programming and math along with a good eye for modeling and motion.

  • Using modeling software, like ZBrush, to sculpt and refine a neutral 3D model to fit the aesthetic needs of Character Designers
  • Designing and maintaining a modeling topology conducive to the storyboarded range of deformations
  • Working closely with Animators to provide and refine an articulation of the full range of expressions and body movement needed to support a character's acting range in the film
  • A truth to materials/anatomy and animation principles is emphasized, as is patience and a willingness to experiment
  • Creative use of deformers to achieve a specific deformation called for by Animation with a concise set of animation controls
  • Designing and maintaining Master Rigs that can be re-used as a basis for articulating similar characters, or applying existing Rigs to newly created character sculpts
  • Writing scripts in Python or MEL to facilitate workflow improvements  Brainstorming new techniques and ideas for user interfaces, deformation tools, and character specific rigging solutions
  • Troubleshooting technical issues inherent in maintaining a clean file structure and pipelines for both in-house and 3rd party software
  • Having proficiency in a programming language and math is important
  • Modeling Reel
  • Examples of digital sculpting of organic forms such as faces or bodies as well as a variety of works and styles
  • Include a turntable showing the final result and a turntable with the mesh
  • Include examples of drawings or clay sculpts demonstrating your artistic ability
  • Bonus for including cloth and/or hair modeling
Rigging Reel
  • Examples of rigging that support the type of character that is being attempted
  • A realistic character will have been true to the materials it is made out of
  • A cartoon type character might have extra exaggeration
  • Bonus for including examples of animation
Rig Build Reel
  • Provide examples of systems that can be used to make faces or bodies
  • Showing how the controls work and the interface for the animators is important
  • Descriptive text for the technical designs/tools shown on the reel should be provided on a separate breakdown sheet included with your reel/resume

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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