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Salary: $66,625 - $83,252
• Expert Level


National Film Board of Canada: Provides expertise on the complex technical aspects of film post-production, including all hardware, software and storage systems required to successfully run operations. Position Status: Temporary - Full-time, 12 months, 37.5 hours per week

Category Post Production  Technical Advisor 
Location Montreal, Canada
Time Period Unknown
Posted Date Feb 21, 2024
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Salary Range: 8 – $66,625 to $83,525
Position Status: Temporary - Full-time, 12 months, 37.5 hours per week

Provides expertise on the complex technical aspects of film post-production, including all hardware, software and storage systems required to successfully run operations. Actively contributes to the efficiency of Technical Support’s services to the Technical Resources operational groups, including the various interfaces necessary for the operation of the equipment. Integrates the selected technologies and implements all new Technical Resources and animation equipment, both audio and video, on constantly evolving digital platforms, and performs software configuration. Plans, develops and integrates complex and elaborate solutions for various work platforms; develops workflows related to these new solutions. Provides expertise to producers and filmmakers at pre-production meetings by informing them of the impacts of their technology choices. Ensures continuity of post-production services and the maintenance of our critical operations without stopping services.

Administers and maintains optimal workstations, operating systems and other related systems used for film production and post-production:
  • Plans the development and implementation of new production and post-production equipment by acting as a consultant to managers and users.
  • Recommends operational planning, including installation, configuration, maintenance of audiovisual, networking and computer equipment, including software tracking and updates.
  • Installs and optimizes film production software (Adobe, Avid, Apple and others) by optimizing their settings to better meet production needs.
  • Performs the optimization of film production operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) and ensures protection is maintained by updating the software.
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of equipment and software by making service calls to the various suppliers as needed.
  • Performs diagnostics when a piece of equipment is faulty and carries out the necessary interventions for the proper functioning of the equipment. Orders the parts directly from the supplier, installs them when the parts are delivered.
  • Collaborates with the technical team to move or replace the studios’ and Technical Resources’ production stations.
  • Participates in the development of equipment purchase plans by evaluating various options and configurations available on the market, and makes recommendations.
  • Installs and administers production workstations, including those for animation studios, sound post-production, image post-production, conservation, duplication and digital processing sectors.
Provides services to all artistic and technical sectors, takes user service calls and diagnoses and resolves reported issues:
  • Provides technical support for workstations and film production software, including animation projects and certain other special projects, installs components and equipment such as RAM and internal devices.
  • Responds to customer service calls and records all interventions in the ticketing system; contributes to the enrichment of the knowledge base of this system, informs and, if necessary, trains users on the optimal use of the technical capabilities offered by their workstations.
  • Supports the Technical Directors in configuring equipment required to serve the animation studios' collaborators, ensures software upgrades are carried out for all equipment under their responsibility, installs new software by optimizing their parameters to better meet the needs of production.
  • Analyzes and resolves technical malfunctions affecting operating system environments on various platforms (Mac OS, Windows, Linux).
  • Manages software licences by workstation and user for all film production studios or sectors; maintains the inventory up to date in a database created for that purpose.
Keeps up with evolving technical and IT concepts related to film production technology and to their areas of expertise:
  • Ensures a technology watch on advances in the audiovisual, multimedia and film industry.
  • Evaluates, controls, tests, adapts and orients various software, equipment and protocols to be used in the future.
  • Keeps up to date with new software used by Technical Resources and the animation studios, installs it and updates the equipment used.
  • Keeps own skills up to date, performs technology watch and stays abreast of recent technical developments in the industry: reads published technical documentation, is familiar with the SMPTE standards governing the industry, attends supplier fairs, visits relevant Internet sites, and takes refresher courses, as needed.
  • College degree in electronics with audiovisual or computer major;
  • Eight (8) years of work experience in IT and technical support, preferably in a film environment;
  • Excellent technical knowledge in the installation and configuration of a digital video production and post-production environment, including professional audiovisual equipment, specialized software (Adobe, Apple, DaVinci, Autodesk, Digital Vision), film projection, Windows and Mac PC workstations, Linux servers, SAN and NAS storage systems, and Ethernet and fiber optic networks.
  • Knowledge of the digital imaging processes applied to animation and post-production, as well as a good understanding of the digitization process and related protocols.
  • Bilingualism in both official languages (French and English), oral and written.
  • Strong aptitude for customer service and collaboration; active listening, ability to understand needs and support people;
  • Good analytical skills and ability to convey technical concepts while adapting to the audience;
  • Ability to establish good interpersonal relationships, to be effective in professional interactions and to exercise unifying leadership;
  • Excellent ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously using an organized and rigorous work approach, in accordance with changing priorities and timelines;
  • Initiative, autonomy, adaptability, judgment and a sense of responsibility;
  • Ability to work effectively within a multidisciplinary team.

Job Type Contract  Temporary 
Weekly Limit N/A
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