- Videographer (Food & Brand Content)

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Videographer (Food & Brand Content)


Videographer (Food & Brand Content)

• Intermediate Level


HelloFresh is in search of a full-time videographer to join our in-house studio team in NYC. The candidate should be passionate about food videography and experienced in an in-house production workflow.

Category Camera Operators  Photographers  Social Media  Videographer 
Location Greater New York City Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Aug 02, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

HelloFresh is in search of a full-time videographer to join our in-house studio team in NYC. Reporting to the Lead Photographer, the candidate will work closely with our Brand Operations team to create exceptional performance videos to drive customer engagement and acquisition. 

The candidate should be passionate about food videography and experienced in an in-house production workflow. Should be passionate about UGC content as well as high end videography. The right candidate will be comfortable shooting and assisting with both regular, recurring production projects as well as large campaigns with speed and efficiency, always resulting in engaging, best-in-class performance video content. The ability to multitask while maintaining attention to detail is essential to success in this role. 

You will...
  • Work daily in a fast paced, high volume studio following SOPs to produce video content that meets brand guidelines 
  • Direct talent and crew on set
  • Light editing required
  • Create videos across 5 brands for marketing, advertising, and social media campaigns.
  • Create distinct, evocative, brand-appropriate lighting setups for all videos
  • Work in the HelloFresh studio with onsite gear and lighting equipment
  • Work with a talented team of art directors to create performance videos designed to engage a diverse set of personas within a few seconds.
  • Ensure all shot lists are followed and daily workload is accurately documented and achieved
  • Execute shot lists while being able to adjust on the fly as needed, accommodate feedback, and add value where possible
  • Share responsibility for care, upkeep, and maintenance of studio workspace and equipment
  • Perform regular administrative duties relevant to studio operations
  • Work with the studio team—food & prop stylists—to create high conversion rate, performance video
  • Perform file trafficking duties including uploading and downloading files, file transfers and backups, filling out post-production documents, and corresponding with post production partners and internal stakeholders on deliverables
  • Manage critically important creative, client relationships and to be able to quickly pivot and adjust to data and criticism.
  • The ability to shoot in 4K and Log formats.
  • Can shoot for various mediums like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. Possesses the ability to move from high end videography to UGC videography
  • Strong understanding of lighting and color for video
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Still Photography
You are...
  • Detail and Process Oriented: You have the ability to consistently produce videos in line with brand guidelines within time and resource constraints 
  • Enthusiastic: A creative thinker and team player, which your colleagues would describe you as. Your organization and ability to communicate clearly and calmly under pressure with staff, team members, and clients make you an essential member of any workplace.
  • Experienced: Have a history of creating high end performance video either in-house or as a freelancer. You have a strong understanding of studio lighting and are passionate about food video content. You can create process and create a seamless working experience with your teammates
  • Discerning: You have an acute ability to read lighting and master video guidelines easily differentiating and replicating the unique visual identities of our brands and products. You have a master of both handheld video practices and in high end studio video production.
  • Leadership: Can direct talent, crew and communicate effectively with Art directors on sets big and small.
At a minimum, you have...
  • Bachelor’s degree and 4-6 years of video experience
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Proficiency in working with Canon C70, IPhone, and Arri
  • Demonstrated ability to shoot in a studio using lighting equipment, including continuous and strobe
  • Strong food videography portfolio that demonstrates skill level and technical abilities
  • Experience working collaboratively with food and prop stylists on set 
  • Ability to follow strict, detailed photography briefs and adjust to feedback and critique from stakeholders while on set
  • Ability to create a solid composition while adhering to brand guidelines
  • Experience with pacing and balance needed to work with food and fresh ingredients
  • An understanding and feeling for food and shooting fresh ingredients
New York Pay Range: $82,000—$102,500 USD

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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